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It Isn't Just Good For The Environment, It's Good For Business





JFConnolly & Associates is an operations-focused, business management consulting firm with concentration in the operational, economic, and environmental advantages of sustainable business practices centered on diverting food waste and other organics to anaerobic digestion, composting, and renewable energy alternatives

Long-term success for our clients emanates from organics recycling and sustainability strategies that are synergistically profitable for all participants and stakeholders, while meeting the strategic objectives of environmental stewardship and effective community relations.

Our strategies focus on achievement of operational objectives and organizational goals, support top-line sales growth, provide effective management of operational expense, deliver corresponding bottom-line earnings improvements, and support stakeholder goals related to sustainability and environmental objectives.

JFConnolly & Associates is currently working with multiple stakeholder groups in the Midwest, New England, the Mid-Atlantic States, California, and the Southeastern states.  These are long-term, strategic engagements supporting statewide sustainability and organics recycling strategies directed at infrastructure development, generator sourcing, transportation solutions, community awareness, and public relations.

Stakeholder groups include US EPA, State EPA, other State agencies, industry and non-governmental organizations, receiving facilities, hauling companies, supply vendors, and others that are working to formulate and execute going forward strategy for commercial organics diversion.

We have directly participated in consulting engagements nation-wide with:

State Departments of Environmental Protection; US EPA; large cities and towns; national/regional supermarket chains; hotels, resorts, conference centers, hospitals, and other food waste generators; varied types of receiving facilities (anaerobic digestion, composting, cellulosic biofuel); waste haulers; regional and local organics-niche haulers; and national trade associations representing the supermarket, hospitality, environmental, educational, organics recycling, and consumer sectors.

Our work in the area of organics diversion, complementary recycling strategies, and business-driven sustainability initiatives has delivered convincing operational, economic, environmental, and community relations results for all parties involved.  These efforts have positioned us as an experienced resource for companies, industry organizations, and governmental agencies interested in diverting organic waste out of landfills into composting, anaerobic digestion, and bio-energy alternatives.

We have had the opportunity to speak about and present the concepts of successful and profitable commercial food waste diversion strategies at national/regional events such as BioCycle, Solid Waste Association of North America, US Composting Council, and numerous state/industry events across the country.

Prior to forming JFConnolly & Associates in 2002, John Connolly acquired twenty-one years of retail operations experience in the supermarket sector with Hannaford Bros. Co., Portland, ME.